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Trailer - When Legends Come to Life

When Legends Come to Life - Shampee-BigFoot from John Lage on Vimeo.

The Shamp-ee, also known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and over fifty other names in Americana Indian folklore is the focus of When Legends Come to Life. This pilot features Crytozoologists Joshua Colson, Sean Salz and ex-military investigator Troy Hudson as they go on location to the Indian nations in search of America's most elusive creature. With approvals from the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Apache and Cherokee Nations, we'll take viewers into the Native Council and travel to places where no man has gone before.


Trailer - When Legends Come to Life

Since 1995, CMC Multimedia has been known for production quality and value. Delivering over 200 products and over 2000 hours in just about every format and medium, CMC is “script to screen and everything in-between”.
Merging with Aposse Management in 2012, the company is now vertically integrated to include Concept, Copy writing, Design, Development, Production & Management.
Whether pitching or producing television or film or designing a corporate enhancement spot for a Fortune client, CMC endeavors to deliver interesting and provocative content on-time and on-budget.
We invite collaboration with other artists, producers and writers. We’re always open to partnerships and joint ventures. It takes a village!
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