AposseDevco.com is a full service project management and project development company, headquartered in Dallas Texas.

cropped-AposseLogoBlack.jpg“Aposse” pronounced “A-Posse”, is derived from the Latin phrase Aposse-Ad-Esse which translates to: “from Possibility to Actuality”. We are the best “triage” team in the business today; lean, creative, thorough and efficient.

Our posse consists of a half-dozen core business principals and dozens of associate subject matter expert partners. We come together as needed to: discover, develop and deploy exciting portfolio properties, whether as hired guns for clients, or on projects in our fold.

As lead project managers, we develop and plan, design and build a project from concept to cash flow. Whether a film, a slate of films, a utility, building or a business, they all must be built from the ground up. This requires planning, people and financial elements be identified, secured and dispatched to work on the project so that any and all may move stage to stage and phase to phase as logically as possible. The end goal is a well-designed model which meets or exceeds expectations. We pride ourselves on being the nucleus of such endeavors.

By applying the Wharton Method of business analysis, some simple Vulcan logic and good old common sense, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a group who can bring a project in on time and on budget. The devil is in the details! For more information on how we can work together on your project, give us a call. We play well with others. In most cases, anything worth doing takes much more than one project management company, no matter how diligent and cost conscious that company may be. It takes a team of people working in harmony to achieve a common goal. It takes A Posse.